Understanding the harmful effects of smoking

Tobacco use is the largest preventable cause of death and disease in the United States.

Understanding the harmful effects of smoking

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CDC - Fact Sheet - Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking - Smoking & Tobacco Use

Get Access The Harmful Effects of Marijuana have been exaggerated Essay Sample Thousands of people die every year from tobacco and smoking related illnesses, and hundreds of innocent people die every year in auto accidents caused by drunk drivers.

Despite all this, public opinion on marijuana is still based on myth and prejudice even though it remains relatively harmless. The harmful effects of marijuana have been exaggerated. Early myths such as these have been debunked over the past few decades, and one of the only true negative effects of marijuana is short-term laziness, comparable to the well-known side effect of consuming alcohol: The argument most commonly brought into discussion on marijuana is the addictive properties or lack thereof which it possesses.

As long as one does not self-medicate their anxieties and depression with it the way so many people do with alcohol no dependence will be encountered. In a study found that marijuana exhibited addictive properties less than or equal to caffeine in lab rats when compared with nicotine, alcohol, heroin, and cocaine Lowry How harmful is marijuana when compared to these drugs?

The claim that marijuana use results in brain damage among other outrageous health risks, is false and such exaggerations have only been perpetuated to deter young people from trying the drug.

No evidence has ever been presented to blame marijuana for specific long-term health risks. Even one of the most apparent and severe risks the drug can have, when someone is behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated, can be avoided if the drug is used with discretion by responsible people, similar to alcohol.

So what happens when teenage kids get a hold of marijuana? If kids in the United States were educated and brought up around marijuana the way European kids are with alcohol, they would probably be able to use the drug in a mature and rational way.

Unfortunately this is not the case. Often the way marijuana is presented in the same category as harder drugs in drug education classes can result in some misconceptions with kids.

They are told that marijuana is extremely addictive along with alcohol, cocaine, and heroin. They told us if we used heroin we would become addicted. Well, we all tried marijuana and found we did not become addicted.

Understanding the harmful effects of smoking

We figured the entire message must be B. When something that is thought to be true is found out to be false, especially in the mind of a teenager, then all other related facts might also be untrue.

For every people that try marijuana in their lifetime only 1 goes on to use cocaine Most marijuana users in the U. The only person who can decide whether marijuana is harmful or not is the individual user.

With a very low possibility of any addiction, far less risks of disease than cigarettes and other drugs, and a short list of undesirable side effects, marijuana can only be approved or disapproved by the person choosing to use it. More essays like this:Understanding Risk Assessment It is often difficult to understand environmental risks.

We know, for example, that smoking cigarettes increases the risk of respiratory ailments, including lung cancer. People can control these risks by not smoking. near a source will experience any harmful effects. A risk assessment involves many.

Understanding the harmful effects of smoking

How does nicotine affect the body and how long - Sharecare. The new “the effects of smoking” article on the website pfmlures.com covers common daily side effects of smoking that often create the incentive to quit smoking.

This article is actually suitable for those people who want to broaden their knowledge about health issues and quit smoking . "The fact that obesity is more serious than smoking helps people understand the gravity of the problem because they already have some kind of intuitive understanding of how bad smoking is," says [lead researcher, James] McIntosh.

The sincerity of the industry's promise to support research to find out if smoking was harmful to health and to disclose information about the health effects of smoking can also be questioned based upon the industry's own documents which reveal: (1) scepticism about the scientific value of the smoking and health research program established by.

The fleeting high from smoking crack can be outweighed by a host of negative effects. Though these can vary as widely as the positive effects listed above, commonly reported side effects include: Though these can vary as widely as the positive effects listed above, commonly reported side effects include.

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