The way to rainy mountain essay analysis

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The way to rainy mountain essay analysis

Quaternary climates Is our climate changing? First, it is important here to note the differences between weather and climate. Weather is local and what you can see out of your window; weather is the cold British winter snows in and our wet and rainy summer these are to do with short term variations in winds and atmospheric pressuresor heat waves in the USA in July Climate is much broader scale; we are looking at long term statistical patterns in weather.

An individual flood or storm is not caused by climate change, but climate change may make extreme weather events like floods occur more frequently. This page is intended to be a short introduction, and by no means covers all of the vast topic of climate change. For more information, see: Quaternary Climates Figure 1.

Wikimedia Commons Throughout the last 2. About stages of these cold and temperate cycles have been recognised in deep ocean marine sediment cores Figure 1 [1]. During glacials, large ice sheets developed in mid- to high-latitudes, including over Britain and North America.

The way to rainy mountain essay analysis

Glacials and interglacials can be further divided into stadials and interstadials, and within these we have smaller scale Dansgaard-Oeschger cycles, and then even smaller cycles, such as El-Nino and ENSO.

Climate data is therefore very noisy, and climate scientists must determine patterns in this data using complex statistical techniques. Throughout this time, carbon dioxide has mirrored temperature variations, which have formed a regular pattern.

Geological timescale Climate variations are a natural part of the earth system. It is therefore important, using instrumental records and proxies such as ice cores, or microfossils in marine sediment coresto compare current trends with those in the past[3].

Is our climate changing?

The way to rainy mountain essay analysis

Recent Change Figure 2. This image shows the instrumental record of global average w: Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Following the common practice of the w: IPCC, the zero on this figure is the mean temperature from This figure was originally prepared by Robert A.

Rohde from publicly available data and is incorporated into the Global Warming Art project. The Earth warmed by an average of 0.

Rapid warming has been measured with global instrumental data since the s Figure 2. The IPCC report stated that most of this warming was likely to have been due to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. However, this average rate hides considerable variations in the rate and magnitude of warming.

Climate change varies seasonally, on decadal timescales, and is geographically patchy[5]. Three areas in particular have been subject to recent regional rapid warming sensu Vaughan et al.

These areas warmed by more than 1. More populated regions have atmospheric sulphate aerosols, that may mask warming. Urban meteorological stations may also record anomalous warming due to urban heat island effects.Welcome to Zombie Land kids!

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