The properties and usage of aluminium engineering essay

Chemistry in its element: End promo Chris Smith This week the chemical cause of transatlantic linguistic friction. Is it an um or an ium at the end? It turns out us Brits might have egg on our faces as well as a liberal smattering of what we call aluminium.

The properties and usage of aluminium engineering essay

Due to its light weight, it is used to make airplanes, for example. Its slow reaction with oxygen and its high boiling point also make it suitable for use in cooking pans. Aluminum oxide exists in temperature-stable crystalline forms.

Properties of Aluminum Oxide Aluminum oxide bears chemical and physical characteristics similar to a compound known as natural corundum.

The properties and usage of aluminium engineering essay

It is a very hard material that resists any type of wear. It is also among the hardest compounds in existence, which makes possible its use as an abrasive material. Aluminum oxide conducts electricity easily. It also resists reacting with acids and bases at high temperature.

The properties and usage of aluminium engineering essay

It is a good thermal conductor due to its high boiling point. Insulating Material Aluminum oxide is used in the ceramic industry as an insulating material. The porous ceramics formed from its use have good resistance toward most acids except phosphoric and hydrofluoric acid.

These ceramics are preferred for their inertness and the fact that they can be used and reused in many process applications. Manufacturing Aluminum oxide is used to the manufacture of refractories because of its low reactivity with acids and its high boiling point.

Refractories must resist heat, pressure and acidic environments. Aluminum oxide is used in the instrumentation of thermal test machines. In the electronic industry, it is used in making passive components for interconnection and in the making of resistors and capacitors.

Coating Tatanium Oxide Aluminum oxide is used in the coating of titanium oxide, a compound that is used as a pigment for paints and plastic papers. It helps in preventing catalytic reactions between these products and the atmosphere.

Aluminum oxide is also used in the making of fillers used in the welding industry. She works as a features writer with Kitabu Publishers and has contributed news articles to various magazines and newspapers including "Weekly Citizen" and the "Kenyan Times.Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student.

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Material testing equipment is generally used for destructive type of testing, which finds out the physical properties of materials before their intended usage. Testing of these materials is required to determine the type of material to be used for manufacturing a particular product.

It is now estimated that up to 70% of the Aluminium used in building can recycled, without any significant degradation of the materials’ intrinsic properties. 63% of the Aluminium sol recycling, while for the waste created during the manufacturing process, The Recycling rate is virtually %.

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