Swot analysis kellogg vs weetabix

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Swot analysis kellogg vs weetabix

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The company has divided its operating segments into 3 geographic areas: The next largest market, China, generates CHF7. The company offers over different product choices in 7 main categories: Milk products and ice cream. Prepared dishes and cooking aids. The company is also less affected by the changing consumer tastes or consumer backlash against one of its brands.

Sincethe company has saved million kg of packaging material by redesigning its packages. Brand value is closely related to brand recognition.

Swot analysis kellogg vs weetabix

Brand awareness helps the company to introduce new products and sell the current products more easily. Criticism over high water usage, selling contaminated food, anti-unionism, forced child labor and using other unethical practices Being the largest food company in the world attracts lots of attention.

Over the years, the company has been criticized for a number of its practices: Unethical marketing of baby formula; Claims that water should be privatized; Asking for a debt payment from a famine struck country; Misleading labeling; Sourcing materials from suppliers using child and forced labor; Anti-unionism.

California state has experienced water shortages over the last few years and many restrictions have been placed on businesses and residents to reduce their water consumption.

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Negative publicity results in damaged brand reputation, lost consumer confidence and declined sales. Even with strict quality control measures the company often has to recall its products in various markets due to some form of contamination.

This resulted in hundreds of millions in lost sales and damaged brand reputation. Recently, the company had to recall various prepared dishes in the U. The company has to recall some of its products almost monthly.

Clear and accurate labelling indicating of any harmful products According to the study done by Delloitte,[7] consumers are more likely to buy products that are clearly and accurately labeled.

Transparency in material sourcing Consumers are becoming more and more conscious of where the food came from and how it was grown or made. Many young consumers are placing sustainability as an important decision making factor when buying their food.

Social responsibility of buying ethically grown, sustainable foods is often more important that price. Growing number of small food startups There is a growing number of food startups that are looking for ways on how to disrupt the food industry.

These new startups are developing the next generation foods and drinks, provide various solutions on food delivery, new meal kits, specialty foods and introduce new ways to grow and sell the food.

RTD coffee growth compared to the growth of the whole liquid beverage market in the U.

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The are many smaller brands that could be acquired in the industry or the company could push its own RTD brands to the U. Water is scarce and is becoming even more scarce due to the factors such as climate change, growing populations, overexploitation of resources, the increasing demand for food products, increasing pollution and the poor management of waste water.

The company also currently receives lots of criticism and negative publicity over its high use of drinking water near the communities suffering from droughts. The beverage and food industries are highly competitive and consist of numerous small, large and multinational companies.

Swot analysis kellogg vs weetabix

Beverage, food and snack products compete primarily on the basis of brand recognition, taste, price, quality, product variety, distribution, advertising, packaging, convenience, service, marketing and promotional activity, as well as the ability to anticipate and respond to consumer trends.Transcript of Kellogg Company SWOT Analysis- Haley Sampson.

Overview of Kellogg's creation global expansion expanding to new industries Strengths of Kellogg's competitive pricing helping the community wide target market Weaknesses of Kellogg's high sugar content don't form complete breakfast.

Weetabix Limited - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review Sector Publishing Intelligence Limited (SPi) has been marketing business and market Weetabix Limited - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review.

Weetabix Limited (Weetabix) is a food processing company, principally engaged in the production of Weetabix Limited - SWOT Analysis. The brandguide table above concludes the Kelloggs Special K SWOT analysis along with its marketing and brand parameters. Similar analysis has also been done for the competitors of the company belonging to the same category, sector or industry.

This oligopolistic market is dominated by three big brands: Kellogg’s, Weetabix and Cereal Partners (Worth, and Datamonitor, a) with Kellogg’s leading the market (as shown in figure ). Source: PepsiCo SWOT analysis [2] Nestlé’s R&D capabilities also stem from its R&D network.

The company has the largest R&D centers’ network of any food or beverage company in the world, with 34 R&D facilities and over people working in them.

Find the latest and comprehensive SWOT & PESTLE Analysis of Kellogg Company, a manufacturer of ready-to-eat cereal and convenience food.

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