Record management system

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Record management system

The added feature is that Paradigm 3 can link training against management system documentation. The database designs include items as many pages long as required, with the capability to link to external data, mandatory field control and the ability to perform calculations.

Users The User Module is the back-bone to the overall operating system of Paradigm 3.

Record management system

Action Items This module keeps everybody informed of their management system responsibilities and accountability by issuing notifications in the form of Action Items. In Paradigm 3, Action Items are more than a notification that can be ignored — they become a record that is retained in the system.

Action Items are triggered by setting Events that sit dormant until that trigger is reached. Administrators can configure the Events and construct the Action Item content.

CCloud - Compliance Management System

A trigger may be when a schedule date is reached or when a document is approved. Environmental Management system ISO Design a Business Risk Assessment tool to automatically calculate rating. Paradigm 3 is then used to assign tasks from assessments, record actions taken and monitor progress.

Set up alerts when high risks are identified as emails or SMS. In fact, a risk score can be applied to any type of documented information you build in the system. When raising a customer complaint, incorporate a risk score into the complaint form.

When raising a non-conformance, incorporate a risk score into the non-conformance form. When raising an accident or incident, incorporate a risk score into the incident form.

When raising an environmental issue, incorporate a risk score into the incident form. What can P3 do for your company? Specific compliance issues Paradigm 3 can manage.iCRM Benefits Your Business. As a business grows, more and more there is a need for better management of each segment.

The iCRM system is an integral part to running your businesses efficiently and without having to worry about follow ups with customers, losings sales or . Compliance Cloud. CCloud is a cloud based management system designed to support organisations audit, manage and improve their level of statutory compliance and FM inspections.

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Record management system

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