Product life cycle in iphone

Design a high-end smartphone in which the user experience is more important than making a slew of features available. This is why customers wait in line for hours to purchase each new version of the iPhone. There is typically only two or three choices available for each generation of the iPhone. The iPhone 4S, announced in Octoberis available in three storage capacities:

Product life cycle in iphone

Introduction of Apple Inc and the basic concepts 1. After the establishment, Apple Inc keeps vividly participating in the consumer electronics and personal computers markets.

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In the recent years with the new versions of iPhone, iMac, iPad and other well known products and accessories, Apple has achieved an undisputable success. Dorling Kindersley India Pvt. Demand uncertainty could be defined as the extent of certainty that an adopting company has of the demand for their good or service Lee And the implied demand uncertainty is the uncertainty that is due to the part of the demand that supply chain has to deal with and attributes the customer desires Krzeminska Strategic fit refers the consistence that a company should have to ensure that strategies that support the competitive strategy Furrer And as a matter of fact the growing digit is more surprising based on the most recent data.

Figure 2 Deutsche Bank report estimating iPhone with in both individual and business sector Source: A massive iPhone shipment increase of In conclusion the demand of the iPhone series products is growing and expanding significantly indicating that the products could be likely to be in the growth stage in the product life cycle.

Corporate report, Bemstein analysis 3. Three steps will be involved in the achieving strategic fit: Understanding the customer and procurement uncertainty Step no 2: Understanding the procurement capabilities Step no 3: Achieve strategic fit We will follow this sequence to discuss the influences growth stage of iPhone series in the product life cycle has for the strategic fit.

Also the nature of the smart phone market and product nature also which is change fast with high innovation rate also contribute to the uncertain demand.

Product life cycle in iphone

With a uncertain demand, the company could earn more profit margin though and forecast of the future demand. And it also has implications to the supply chain management. For example, the largest touch screen provider of iPhone series is Sam sung which has a renowned reputation for its quality screen products.

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Winning in the age of the elusive donor, 2nd edition, New Jersey:iPhone Life Magazine When you own an iPhone or iPad, you are a member of a close-knit and elite community.

When you want to be at the forefront of that community, you subscribe to iPhone Life . Most people would consider the iphone to be in it's mature stage now.

Product life cycle in iphone

This is the stage where the product is considered "old" and all factors start to decine. Many people say that the iphone is heading this way in the next few year or so.

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Apple Products: A Discussion of the Product Life Cycle. product life cycle may concern the product class, product The longest life cycle belongs to the iPhone 4S. Product Life Cycle (PLC) is a sequence of stages through which products pass. It outlines the typical journey traversed by a product in its lifetime right since the time it .

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