Odbcdirect is no longer supported re write anime

The first version of Jet was developed inconsisting of three modules which could be used to manipulate a database.

Odbcdirect is no longer supported re write anime

odbcdirect is no longer supported re write anime

Lots of subjects are nuanced, this doesn't mean we need a separate site for them, this means we need to step up with providing guidance on how to write good questions for the subject, not a separate site.

The issue with the OP wanting to establish Teamviewer sessions and not getting feedback is because the OP answers highly localized questions, and Stack Overflow isn't really suited for that.

He instead should focus on more general questions, that are of benefit to more visitors. My counterargument to this is, if all we can answer are simple questions, then we're not really accomplishing much. The community for Access database surprisingly exists but it already has a stigma about it.

Most database professionals can bluff their way through the ANSI stuff related to Access, but slightly harder yet still on-topic problems could easily be out of their reach.

I see no harm in a site spinning off of here with a more narrow focus on this technology so people who actually have to use this software can get adequate help.

There's a difference between a simple and a localized question. There are many pretty complex questions, where the answers are still broadly applicable.

Generally, most complex issues can be narrowed down to a reproducible problem, even in Access, and even if it concerns forms, tables, SQL and VBA in a single question.

I do see harm in creating an access-specific site. If we compromise our quality standards to allow for more localized guidance, help vamirism will likely only increase, and there already is a lot of that on the ms-access tag.

Having contributors TeamViewing into computers is a recipe for disaster it's how most IT scams starthaving people download Access databases is disaster too still the least protected file format that contains VBA, can start hidden unmanaged code on startup.

odbcdirect is no longer supported re write anime

They can't really be expected to form a complete question. Asking them to invest more effort when they are lost seems kind of pointless.

Yes, Teamviewer has its drawbacks, and may not be practicable, but putting that aside, I still feel it would be a better tool for getting people unstuck in situations like this. Please don't read the previous sentence as a suggestion for StackOverflow to offer such a service, or as an indication that I am planning to do so on the side.

But Access-VBA questions can certainly be complete, and get responses. I personally have answered questions currently that are tagged access-vba. Of those 60, only 20 have no comment and no other accepted answer. So while there certainly are examples of non-engagement, I'd say generally it's pretty low.

You need to account for the fact that Stack Overflow is very much fast-paced. If you answer a couple of days late, the OP has had a couple of days to work on the problem, and pretty likely has already solved it.

Which product do you need help with?

If no-one engaged on the subject, the OP is likely to not give us feedback on how he solved it. Also, keep in mind Stack Overflow's main goal is to build a database of knowledge.

Providing solutions for specific users is a positive side-effect. But many, many access-vba problems are not like that. The ones you've shared kind-of are. If you want to help the authors with debugging, I recommend you at least try to respond to more recent questions, but Stack Overflow likely isn't the place for you.Jan 16,  · "ODBCDirect is no longer supported.

Rewrite the code to use ADO instead of DAO". Dec 20,  · DAO is still supported. Only ODBCDirect workspaces do no longer exist. I think there is no rewrite possible or necessary for this method.

So the question is what kind of architecture do you have here? Which databases do you use? Maybe using linked tables with DSNLess connections can replace your ODBB workspace. DAO with ODBCDirect: Support has been dropped with Access DAO via JET: You're not serious, right? Anyway, it's considered obsolete by Microsoft.

ADO with the SQLOLEDB provider: Deprecated. ADO with the SQL Server Native OLEDB provider: Won't be supported after SQL Sever So create one pass-though query. And you can use it quite much in all places where you were using JET-DIRECT. In access , jet-direct support was dropped, but use of a simple pass-though query will more than suffice and also as the above shows save buckets of coding and developer time.

Jan 16,  · "ODBCDirect is no longer supported. Rewrite the code to use ADO instead of DAO". Nov 07,  · The Microsoft Jet Database Engine is a database engine on which several Microsoft products have been built.

CityDesk is no longer available for purchase.

ODBC Direct No Longer Supported

History CityDesk was developed by Fog Creek Software. No other RDBMS are currently supported for upsizing. Upsizing strategies There are two strategies how database can be migrated.

Rewrite code to use ADO instead of DAO