Josies posies custom paper studio rolling

It's my home away from home for 9 months, so I don't mind the time investment. I want it to be bright and cheery and homey for me and most importantly for my kids. I think I'm just about there Here's what I walked into.

Josies posies custom paper studio rolling

A Cult Within A Cult: They were steeped in classic pop — covering The Hollies, Cheap Trick and Blondie, among countless others — while their love for mystical Memphian power-pop holies Big Star led to the unimaginable: They recorded their debut Failure while still teenagers, and signed to Geffen Records with their second album, Dear In the dressing room before one of those shows, Jon and Ken spoke openly and honestly about their friendship, the struggles that almost broke them up forever, and the music that has kept them together for three decades now, and can still deliver that purest pop magic every time they deliver it.

josies posies custom paper studio rolling

How did you first meet? After school one night, we were passing the local music store and saw a pretty young guy blazing away on heavy metal licks very impressively, and concluded this had to be the kid people were talking josies posies custom paper studio rolling.

So we asked him to join our band. My father was a musician, and at one point he came into a bit of money and turned the family rec room into a little recording studio, using the laundry room as a control room.

Jon joined our band, though we were really just getting together in the garage and jamming — but it did put Jon and me in contact. We spent a lot of time together, in this clubhouse we had to do our music in. And we were so into it. We had so much in common: Living in Bellingham was like something out of Footloose.

How did the Posies start? Jon and I had been really inseparable up till that point, but then we took a little break. We thought, well, something has come into focus here.

Husker Du had moved in that direction, and The Replacements — that progression where songcraft entered their work.

You had to be able to strip it down to the essentials and have it work. That divorce generation of the 70s, where personal relationships were such a disaster, seems like it universally affected our generation.

josies posies custom paper studio rolling

How the hell did any of that happen? People, upon hearing Failure, directed us immediately to Big Star. When I moved down to join Ken in Seattle, I got a job at a record store, and there was this mentor-like fellow there who was also a musician.

I started to listen to more of it. They covered so much ground, and they were so diverse. People talk about Big Star as a cult band, but we were really like a cult within a cult. We were so into Big Star we were almost a little bit frightening.

We were talking about almost nothing but Big Star and listening to and analysing their records, non-stop. It was only a matter of time before we put ourselves in the path of actual Big Star members. But they were pretty mysterious, back in — Alex was not very active at that time, and the rest of the guys… Who knew?

But back then, there was nothing. It was really like uncovering some Mayan thing in the jungle with a few cryptic runes on it.

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No websites back in those days — we wrote to the studio for a brochure, and the guy who wrote and signed the cover letter was [Big Star drummer] Jody Stephens. He was the studio manager!

It was like writing to the chocolate factory and Willy Wonka writes a letter back. He admired us for who we were, and he loved the music. Jody really loved that single and thought it was eerie how much we nailed the vocal inflections and the sounds. Were you nervous at that first Big Star show?

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