Body art and ornamentation

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Body art and ornamentation

Body art and ornamentation are more than just the latest fad. As far as scientist can tell body art has been around since the beginning of civilization. Body art and ornamentation are visually based, so to understand the art one must know the symbolic meanings from the culture presented in the art work.

Tattoo meanings vary greatly depending on which culture derive from. Different cultures, the Chinese, the Yanesha indigenous Peruand the Batlokwa of the Mt Fletcher district Eastern Cape, South Africa use different methods of body art and ornamentation and each culture has different meanings for the visual messages.

From piercings, to head shaping, to tattooing, body art has been around for at least 5, years. Some scientist say the paint used for cave wall drawings, may have also been used for body paint that date from over 30, years ago. Some cultures have been known to use quail pens, fish and or bird bones when applying tattoos and piercings while decorative jewelry became purposeful adornments and clothing varied from culture to culture.

There will be three main cultures focused on in this paper. Starting with the Chinese persuasion of tattooing that are now international. I will be focusing on 9th century techniques and the stigmas that go along with the time periods and the culture.

Next a Peruvian style of body art and ornamentation from the Yanesha with Amazonian influences. The last culture I will be discussing is a South African tribe focusing on the Tlokwa people and how their unique use of bead ornamentation has crossed over into western society. Cultural Body Art and Ornamentation 3 As we look further into the differences, we will also come across many similarities that will help give us a better understanding of the influences of body art and ornamentation.

Chinese tattooing has influenced the world with its amazing portrait style of tattooing. From water, wind, dragons, Koi fish, tigers, along with other natural elements and symbols.

Compared to the marking styles of Europeans who used a simple badge and branding style. They were also among the first to start sleeves and full body suits, these were not easily accepted into society causing some to be outcasts. Asian tattooing was first thought to be around BC and describes the Yue people who decorated themselves with tattoos in order to help protect them from dragons and sea monsters.

Chinese slaves, criminals, prostitutes, servants, concubines, and soldiers all wore tattoos giving birth to tattoo stereotypes. The tattoos were meant to show ownership and inflict permanent punishment.

A look at Cultural Body Art and Ornamentation | Marcus Thomas -

If a wife cheated her eyebrows would be cut off and filled with pigment. A person caught stealing would have a ring tattooed behind the ear while a person who repeatedly commits adultery will have one on the forehead.

Anyone with a facial tattoo was regarded as a social outcast.Body paint is an empowering art form that can bring confidence to even the most self-conscious model. Find this Pin and more on Body Art and Ornamentation by Sue Girardi.

Go Wild Shoot Bodypainting by Emma Fay Model Helen Claire Photography Richard Hadley. Cultural Body Art and Ornamentation 4 A tattoo was a life sentence that made it impossible for a person to return to normal society, so outcast added onto their tattoos to make them decorative or incorporate them into a cover up.

The pain that was felt and the blood that was shed served as an offering to the gods, ancestors, and spirits ().

Body art and ornamentation

On the other end of the spectrum, culture within the United States has a split view regarding body art and ornamentation. Hannah Pixie's full back tattoo is insane!

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Find this Pin and more on body art and ornamentation by Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. Hannah Snowdon back tattoo Guy Le Tatooer badtoothache: “ That, my friends, is the back of Hannah Snowdon.

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Looking from another culture’s perspective, the various forms of African body art and ornamentation are seen as being weird, out of the ordinary, and we don’t understand the importance they hold within these African cultures.

A look at Cultural Body Art and Ornamentation | Marcus Thomas -