An unforgettable experience of studying abroad in spain

A Life-Changing Experience Many times, after visiting a place, people say they would like to go back. I don't have that luxury when speaking about Shanghai; I cannot just come back and visit, I must come back and live. A different cultural setting?

An unforgettable experience of studying abroad in spain

Experience Study Abroad: Palma de Mallorca, Spain | Note to Self

Youtube Studying in Spain: It took almost 6 months to organise and I had no idea if it was going to be a success or a resounding failure. In June of I had the prospect of a gap year ahead of me.

My tutor encouraged me to change my application to something that fit what I was studying at the time and so I applied to sports business management and was accepted to all five of my choices. I tried to encourage myself by writing upbeat facebook posts but no matter how much I tried, deep down there was a voice telling me it was a mistake.

So I decided to take the chance and contacted Cesa, an organisation that helps people go abroad to study a language. I sent them an email saying I was interested in studying Spanish and was looking to start in the new year, as being visually impaired I knew it would take some organising.

They replied in less than a day letting me know that they were more than happy to help me, but at that time they were busy sending people off on summer courses and would contact me when things were a little quieter.

An unforgettable experience of studying abroad in spain

Once the summer was drawing to a close they emailed me to begin planning where I would study abroad. They took down details of my visual impairment, how I access course materials and what support I would need and contacted several of the language schools in Spain.

Cesa negotiated with the school, ensuring I got my first textbook in advance, 2 months to be exact! The school were great as well, helping to pass on our messages to ONCE in Spanish and ensure that on arrival I would receive mobility and orientation.

In September I submitted a new university application, this time for Spanish and was accepted into 3 schools. So not only was I getting ready to study abroad I also knew that on my return to England I would begin a degree in it as well. In January of this year I left for Valencia and I have been blogging somewhat infrequently about my life since then.

In all honesty keeping on top of studying and managing the books section of this blog took far more time than I had anticipated. The school welcomed me from the moment I began to study there and I was sad to leave last Friday.

They ensured I received all my books in electronic format. It definitely made my life a lot easier. Studying abroad is such a unique experience, for every person it will be different, depending on the country you go to, what exactly you decide to do out there and the people you meet.

Having done it once I am very excited at the prospect of spending the third year of my degree in either Spain or Latin America. I loved the fact that by the end of my time there I could communicate with all kinds of people I would never have spoken with before. I know I have to work hard to improve my Spanish even further, but if I had spent 5 months studying in the UK I know I could never have come as far as I did by spending time in Spain.

The planning that I needed to do mostly revolved around receiving mobility and orientation and getting my books in the correct format. You will have to make compromises and understand that you may not get the same resources as you would in your home country. For me though that was all part of the experience, I had to figure out solutions to problems regarding both study and travel.Jul 03,  · But after studying, working and living in Shanghai for the past semester, I realized that not only did I immensely enjoy my abroad experience, but that I am open and willing to living there.

We offer affordable summer study abroad programs from all over Europe, to Australia, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Study for a few weeks or a few months while enjoying exceptional support and unforgettable group activities. study abroad in spain POPULATION: MILLION API offers those who want to study abroad in Spain a variety of programs in seven different locations, spanning the country regionally, culturally, and linguistically (Barcelona, Bilbao, Cádiz, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca, and Seville).

Name: LaMonica Evans Program: UMSL faculty-led program for Spanish Language to Barcelona, Spain Major: International Business & Marketing Term Abroad: Summer semester during junior year.

As months of agonizing anticpation built up, after all of the planning, shopping and preparation. Barcelona, Spain, and Europe await! Explore a typical day in the life of our students here in Barcelona!

Take me there! Our Mission At ALBA. unforgettable time. The classes were very interesting and the coordinators helped to give me a true study abroad experience. I highly recommend ALBA to anyone who is interested in studying in Barcelona.”. Find Programs to Study Abroad in Spain Today! So are you ready to seize the opportunity for an exciting study abroad experience in Spain?

Whether you want to learn about the arts, history, a new culture, practice your language skills, or even if you’re in it for the soccer, Spain might be the place for you.

An unforgettable experience of studying abroad in spain
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