A personal account of going on a trip to paris as a high school graduate

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A personal account of going on a trip to paris as a high school graduate

See what alumna Katie Long is up to: The classes gave me a better understanding of world systems and cultural perspectives. The summer study in Salamanca was something that I will never forget; I learned a lot and met amazing people. I am also considering applying for a Fulbright scholarship, something I probably never would have done if not for this program.

The professors were all very good, and were always willing to help me find the resources and supports that I needed to improve. He earned his B. During a field trip to the Nasa-Yuwe community, an indigenous group in Colombia, he had his first intercultural experience.

At that moment, he realized that cultural conflicts could be based on economic and social inequality. After this, he became aware that aspects such as language shift, access to education, lack of economic opportunities, and discrimination are a common ground for cultural differences.

While in the program, Felix started to develop his research focus on critical discourse analysis CDA as a method to understand how media negatively displays the identities of certain disadvantaged cultural groups. He is currently enrolled in the LLC doctoral program where he expects to continue broadening his theoretical and practical knowledge that would assist him to pursue his professional and academic goals.

He has also been part of the Spanish language area, in the MLLI department, where he has worked as a teaching assistant and visiting lecturer. Agency for International Development in the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance where he develops curriculum and implements training for humanitarian assistance-related courses.

Duncan has worked in the field of humanitarian aid and international development for the last eleven years through Doctors Without Borders in India and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and managing development projects at InterAction, Chemonics and CHF. Duncan has a passion for multi-cultural environments that stems from experiences in his early childhood living in Kenya, study abroad opportunities in his 20s, and three years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guinea.

Building on these years overseas, he sought an M. He graduated with a B. In her spare time, she participates as a member of the Alliance Francaise of Baltimore.

Immersed in a fast-paced multicultural environment, this experience triggered in him an unconditional interest in culture. Ever since, his growing curiosity and thirst for understanding led him to work and study in various countries.

He was fascinated and at the same time puzzled by what seemed to him odd behaviors and strange traditions. The INCC program was a perfect fit for him since he was seeking for comprehensive understanding of the world. It provided him with theoretical frameworks to account for cultures at different levels language, anthropology, politics, etc.

But most importantly, he befriended students from different backgrounds and origins, which resulted in a powerful mind-opening experience. Landry not only learned to understand other cultures but became conscious of what was most invisible to him, namely his own culture.

The flexibility of the program leaves room for creativity as it enabled Landry to present a scholarly paper partly in a video format. Marie DeVerneil, and is currently working on new projects with National Geographic.

One of the most valuable aspects of the program is that it pulls in many foreign students from a wide variety of cultures and languages. The opportunity to learn from faculty with a wide range of backgrounds coupled with the cultural diversity found in my peers was invaluable not only in the academic environment but also in the post UMBC professional realm.

Given my training and cultural exposure in the INCC program I was able to work in Mexico City, Mexico as a professor at one of the top schools in the country. This then opened the door for me to act as accompanying professor in Barcelona, Spain for one semester in which I found my INCC experience invaluable as I was quickly able to assess and adapt to my Mexican students, my Catalan hosts and to individuals in the countries I visited.

Currently I am studying for my PhD at the University of Maryland College Park with full fellowship with my intended research focus on Mexican Literature and Culture, specifically the use of language and identity. For six years after graduation, she worked with study abroad students learning French in France and English in Maryland.

From the start of the INCC program, Heidi met an amazing group of new friends and further challenged herself to read, write, think and rethink any ideas she encountered even after her studies ended.

A personal account of going on a trip to paris as a high school graduate

Heidi also spent an unforgettable semester in Nancy, France learning how to teach French as a foreign language and assisting an English teacher at a local high school.Your guide to finding the right gap year program with 1, listings and over 7, reviews for you to explore.

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Have you ever studied a road map and planned out a trip?

A personal account of going on a trip to paris as a high school graduate

Going places on a map can be exciting. You never have to leave your home, and best of all the trip is free!

International Trips for High School Students